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So why do I film weddings? Well, what drew me to weddings was what I was not getting from my studio job prior to quitting and chasing this video production dream on my own.

As artists we crave to know that our work is making an impact in people’s lives. And although I was working on projects for big names such as Showtime, Luxottica, ADP, and more; there was a disconnect between us as creatives and the client/audience. Due to this lack of connection with our clients, it didn’t really feel like I was making an impact. I was just an unknown camera operator/video editor to a big corporate entity.

But what I discovered with weddings was the joy of connecting with new people who had a deep appreciation for my work and whom I could work with firsthand. I learned that what I really enjoyed was creating a stellar product for the everyday person, not for big brands.

So I took all the skillsets I had developed creating very detailed work for those brands and reapplied them to the wedding industry. I have not turned back since!

There really is nothing like the feeling of reading the response from a couple after they just finished watching their wedding video. Just knowing how much it means to them and how one-of-a-kind it is to them. That is when I feel like I am making a meaningful difference in someone’s life through my work. That is why I do what I do.


I first held a camera in middle school when I joined a multimedia program. This is where I learned the basics of filming and editing, and I went on to study video production at Syracuse University. During my time there, I was known as the guy who loved to take photos and videos within my group of friends, before Instagram was a thing!

Fast forward to 2018. By then I had experience filming and editing for agencies and studios all over New York City. At the same time I earned an MBA in Marketing which fully equipped me to take the leap of faith that is becoming a freelancer/small business owner. I dove headfirst into weddings and don’t plan on quitting any time soon. During the off season months you will find me filming and editing content for commercial/business clients. Just like I used to do for the agencies and studios I worked for, but now on my own terms!

Communication, Integrity, and Respect

These are our personal pillars when it comes to working with others.
Not only with the couples who book us but with other vendors as well. We really pride ourselves in delivering the best possible results for everyone we work with, which is why the ego is left at the door and the second we press that record button it’s all about the team. We do not look at your wedding day as an opportunity to create our next big portfolio piece or to show off to your guests. It’s about you, and providing the most stress-free experience possible. Which is why we film in the most discrete manner possible to avoid any attention being taken away from the intimate moments your day will bring.

Planning a wedding is overwhelming enough as it is, so we do our best to make the videography process as simple as possible. We have an open-door policy whenever you need help or have questions about your timeline. We are also happy to connect with your photographer and coordinator before your wedding day to guarantee we are on the same page and we are able to fit any video-specific requests into your timeline.

With us, you are not just getting a videographer, but a consultant as well. We’ll use our experience to guide you in the best way possible.

Some of the Stories we have captured.

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Having a little fun while powering through quite a few uncut edits! ?

Mary + Kevin at @bellportcountryclub ❤️‍?

Kristy + Craig at @feastcaterers ❤️‍?

Father/Daughter dance

Two teasers in one day? Why not!?

Alex + Jean at @thevineyards_li ❤️‍?

Kaitlyn + Steve had the perfect fall foliage on their wedding day.

Here’s a fun snippet from Taylor + Kevin’s wedding day! ❤️‍?

Steph + Ryan’s Highlight Film at @nostranovineyards

Kaitlyn + Steve had the perfect fall foliage on their wedding day.